Welcome to Stoneva

STONEVA LIMITED is an investment company and part of group of companies that has been operating with investments mainly in Telecom, IT Technology and Real Estate. With a head office in Dubai, STONEVA has also satellite offices in the countries where it operates. We invest in well positioned firms with operational and strategic improvement potential and partner with management.

We are a pragmatic partner that delivers


Sure, we provide capital, but what is often more important is our availability at the times you need us
and our ability to support in all the project phases.

What We Do

STONEVA is essentially in the Telecom, IT Technology and Real Estate Business.

Our Target

Stoneva wants to be more than just an investor

Our Goals

Probably the single most important factor that defines success in the investment management business is performance.

Our Work Portfolio

STONEVA and group of companies
are a co-founder of:
Mero Mobile Nepal
Ncell Axiata Ltd
Smart Mobile Cambodia
Smart Axiata Company Limited
Smart Mobile East Africa
part of AKFED group
Yozma Timeturns S.A. (DCR)
BNK ESTATE BNK was established in 2006 and today it is ONE of the most successful and dynamic real estate development companies, carrying out investment activities in Minsk Belarus. The spectacular growth of BNK was built with the help of experienced specialists working in the sphere of the commercial real estate since 1998.
ARK ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY LIMITED was established in 2013. ARK manufactures all types of gadgets, from smartphones and tablets to WiFi routers and 3G modems.

Contact Us

Correspondence Address:
Marasi Drive, Business Bay Burlington Tower, Office 2516
P.O. Box 118311, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

+971 58 596 0 685